Yellow Corn
The company supplies yellow corn variety, from mushroom to popcorn butterfly type. These are supplied to customers in bulk, packaged in sacks. Both fresh and dried yellow corns are available for sale.
Yellow Peas
Our company processed and supplies pure chickpeas to our customers, which mainly include retailers and wholesalers. This can be boiled to make salad or can be further prepared to make special Kabuli chana which can be savored with rice.

Peanut Meal
Peanut & soybean meal are both by-products obtained after the oil extraction process of peanut seeds and soybeans, respectively. The meal contains many nutrients, therefore are used in animal feed.
Corn Flour
Our range of flour includes the flour of corn and chia seeds. Both flours find use in baking and cooking. Chia flour can be added in small amount in many dishes in order to increase the nutrition.
Fruit Juice
Buy from us juice extracted from fresh fruits. These fruit juices are either concentrated & frozen or chilled, and supplied in packaging that keeps them fresh for a longer period.

Fruit Puree
Fruit puree is prepared in a hygienic environment so that customers get puree that is fresh and retains original flavor of fruit. We currently supply apple and lemon purees.
Blanched Peanuts
Buy from us dried prunes, peaches and raw peanuts in bulk quantity. Our company has also included in our range blanched peanuts with no shells and little soft texture, ideal for baking and cooking.
Peanut Oils

Edible oil is what everybody needs to use for cooking purpose. Our company supplies different types of edible oil, from corn, chia, peanut, soybean to sesame.

Sesame Seeds

Healthy seeds are seeds obtained from different plants, which can be consumed raw or used in salads and several dishes. These seeds are rich source of nutrients, therefore are also used in Ayurvedic medicines.

Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate includes the leaves and twigs of Ilex paraguariensis plant, which is used as a herbal tea. This tea is a rich source of nutrients and antioxidants, which are needed by the body to maintain health.

Lemongrass Leaf

Stevia & lemongrass leaves in the offering are the dried leaves of stevia and lemongrass plants, respectively, used for several purposes, for instance flavoring and making herbal medicines.

Buy from us wheat grains as well as wheat flour in large bags and sacks. This cereal grain is considered as a food staple all over the world. The dough of wheat flour can be used for making baked goods.
Agro Products
In our range of agro products, you can find barley and red sorghum. These are supplied in bulk quantity and measured by weight.

Ours is a reliable company that can supply quality white rice to customers. The long-grain, polished rice is an essential ingredient in several popular cuisines.

Bitter Orange Peels
Bitter orange peels are demanded for adding a mild citrus flavor and aroma into marinades and other products, like cosmetics. These are the peels of only bitter orange varieties, which are dried naturally.
Spices & Seasonings
Our spices & seasonings section currently includes coriander grains which can be added in many dishes in whole as well as ground forms. People can easily grind the seeds of coriander in their mixer grinders.  

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